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WE BUY an amazing array of items. In fact, the most dreaded phrase we hear is, "Oh, I didn't know anyone was interested in those. I threw them out last week" People have the "good sense" to keep 1940s big band 78's, but throw out rock posters from the 60's, vintage magazines from the thirties and a baffling assortment of fascinating cultural artifacts. Not everything is worth money, but most things are worth a look! The truth is MOST things are not worth money; but most collections are worth preserving. Anyone who has the passion and energy to collect has the right to a certain respect. The world is filled with billions of objects. A true collector selects and highlights the ones that make sense to THEM. Whether it's blues records or 1930s movie posters; books on the coins of antiquity or 1950s toy robots -- a good collection is more than a mere accumulation of objects. It is a peek into the history of mankind! But we must admit the sad truth is that at any given moment the market values relatively few items, and is filled with a previous generations passions which the current generation does not share. But, please, before you toss your grandfather's John McCormick records into the garbage, drop us a line! Oh, one last thing -- what we most want is 1950s to 60's jazz and rock records, old movie posters and rare travel books. But that's just the beginning! The rest of our website will help you understand how rich a world Recycled Records has become.